We’ve tried it for you: Grenoble Street Art Fest

For the past 3 years in Grenoble, the Street Art Festival transforms the city into an open-air gallery. At the end of June 2017, for its third edition, among the 55 artists invited, there were only 7 women, either as solo artist or as part of a collective.

But who are these women?

Petite Poissone

Emmanuelle Petite Poissone has not always been an artist and she’s been rumored to be easily found during the week in the city’s research labs. A woman with an atypical path, Petite Poissone sticks messages in the city, irreverent political aphorisms, full of caustic humor. Nothing she makes is left to chance: the font, the medium, where she puts her messages… It all comes together to take you out of your daily life, to make you think about the news, to give you hope or to create burst of laughter.

If you can’t go to Grenoble, you can also find somes of Petite Poissone’s messages in Paris, Lyon and Montpellier. If you like her work you can buy her books on her website.


Artist, painter, illustrator, collector, seamstress, Ciou is a jack of all trades. She started her journey into contemporary pop art at an early age, at the crossroad of graffiti and “lowbrow pictorialisme” (an art movement that builds on the codes used in mass media). With her psychedelic, expressive and colorful style, she creates women and supernatural creatures set in macabre yet soft and natural atmospheres.

Go visit her website: it’s a whole universe that opens up to you. And, if you travel to cities such as Paris, Brussels, Amsterdam, Tokyo or NYC this year, you might be able to catch one of her exhibitions!

Boye d’Ekis & Boye

Rebecca Bouffigny aka Boye is a visual artist who takes over streets with murals, posters and illustration. With her partner in the duo Ekis & Boye, they play around the visual codes of graffiti, comics and other visual arts, to create socially-engaged pieces that contribute to the promotion of urban cultures and transmission to youth.

For this third edition of Grenoble Street Art Fest, Ekis & Boyeare painting a mural showing fantastic birds flying, on the facade of the House of Nature and Environment.


The Crewcaracha “troop of cockroaches” is a collective composed mostly of women, passionate about drawing and who decide a few years ago, to work on collective projects. The Crewcaracha counts several projects, the most famous being the masks of different cultures that ornate the streets of the city. Collage and photographs, creatively set up have also been added to the original masks project.

If you missed the festival, don’t worry, all artworks are visible in the public space and you can see them for free. Thus, if you come to Grenoble, keep your eyes open, with the help of this map: http://www.streetartfest.org/fr/carte-des-oeuvres/

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