A Feminist Travel Guide of the US

Travel the US on the footsteps of great women!

Did you know that we owe the Brooklyn Bridge to a women named Emily Warren Roebling?

Or that Maya Angelou was the first female African-American streetcar conductor of San Francisco?

Would you want a visit of the Supreme Court, the Capitol, and the other centers of power in DC that’s not about dead white men?

How about wandering in the French Quarter, in the shadow of Marie Laveau, Voodoo Queen of New Orleans?

Or having a guide to the must-see female artists in the greatest museums around the country?

There’s all of that and more in our next publication: A Feminist Travel Guide of the US!

But we need you help to publish it:


  • Volunteer with us: help us with editing and translations, contacting publishers, setting up our next course of action… Send me an e-mail to florence@laguidedevoyage.com 🙂


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