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La guide de voyage aims at showing the world differently, by making visible women’s contribution to cultural heritage, their role in society and by fostering encounters with female activists.

Inspiring. Astonishing. Trailblazing. Famous or anonymous, from the present days or the past, women are scarce in history books, museums… and travel guides. Because we want to change that, together we’re creating our own travel guides and mapping out places to visit around the world, to put women in the spotlight throughout our travels!

Does this feel like something you want to do with us? Join us and become a blogger!

By writing articles on places to visit where you live, you’ll guide travelers on the steps of women who made history and contributed to your city’s or country’s heritage.

You’ll share your impressions about an exhibition or an event focusing on women. You’ll tell us about the museums, books, cultural places you’d recommend to travelers who’d want to know more about the contributions of women in your city. You’ll share interviews with women who inspire you. And you’ll expand our agenda by adding must-go events.

We’re especially looking for bloggers living or traveling in Asia, Africa and Europe.

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