Can you imagine what we could do together? Together, we can show the world under a different light.

Together, we can turn traveling into a fantastic way of shifting our views and knowledge on women!

On this platform, we can codesign a map showing places focused on women, museums showcasing women artists, festivals & events featuring women directors & performers, feminists events, days devoted to women in history, society, arts, cultural heritage, travels.

Do you know (or manage) a cultural or historical site focused on women? Do you know (or organize) an event centered on women? Contribute to the website by adding your place on the collaborative world map we’re creating together!

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Do you want to write articles on places to visit in the area you live in? Would you write about women who made history and contributed to your city’s or country’s heritage? Or are you about to go on a trip and you want to share your discoveries of places and events that focus on women? Join our community of bloggers!

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You like this project and you have ideas and suggestions to help it grow? You have questions, requests, offers? Maybe you even want to support us financially? Contact us!

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