The idea

Welcome to our community! Here we are reinventing travel guides !

Inspiring. Astonishing. Trailblazing. Famous or anonymous, from the present days or the past, women are scarce in history books and museums. No wonder we rarely read about them in travel guides.

This website was born out of an idea: moving forward gender equality through traveling. This platform is a prototype, the first step of a journey.

Join us and let’s write together this adventure!

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Our bloggers

6Charlotte Soulary

Founder of La guide de voyage, Charlotte calls Paris home, after living on 3 continents. Always preparing her next trip, she treads the streets of Paris, rediscovering with joy the city. She loves traveling alone and acting collectively. Her favorite traveling memory? A long discussion about feminism in Nepal, the day the idea of La guide de voyage started to grow.




Florence Al Talabani

Freelance journalist (among other things), Florence caught the traveling bug when she was 17. For over 2 years now, she’s adopted the “digital nomad” lifestyle and roams the Americas, with a fully disclosed preference for Mexico and the US. Her key accessory when she’s traveling? A local SIM card in her phone – it makes everything easier!




Thao Hoang

Born in Hanoi (Vietnam), she’s lived in several European countries before settling (for now) in Montreal, with her cat. Vegetarian, TV shows addict, wanderer, observer, she would love to have a drawing artist as a traveling companion. Her key accessory when she’s traveling? Her camera.




Angelica Espinosa

Undisciplined, curious and sometimes indiscreet, Angelica often travels alone, but she never leaves without her travel journal and her camera. Her best trip memories lie in meeting people and in nature’s generosity.



Astrid Guerber-Cahuzac

Not a great explorer, rather a museum lover, especially those that give women the place they deserve in History. Her last emotion as a traveller: a nocturnal and solitary walk in Sarajevo after a dinner with reporters and photographers of war in town for the Warm festival.



Emna-Zina Thabet

Emna-Zina has been restless for a long time; after the Middle-East, she’s now traveling within West Africa. Blogger, passionate about history and reading, she works in the development sector. She never travels without her old camera (and yes, she still struggles to wind the film rolls).


Chloé Gaborit

Chloé loves traveling and discovering. Her ideal of equality leads her everywhere, as in Argentina to follow the march “Ni una menos”. Being a blogger about women and travels? It’s a perfect fit In Brittany (France), where she lives, she investigates the areas on her bike.




Céline Loury

Her travel state of mind and curiosity never leave her, wherever she is, whether it’s close to home or on another continent, she is pleased to discover and being amazed by her environment. Her best trip memory: when she felt overwhelmed by the beauty of Duomo in Florence, Italy, it was the first time that the view of a monument gave her this feeling.



Alice Rahmoun

Often wandering off or in preparation for it, she is convinced that travel can be right next door as much as on the other side of the world. Her essential item during a journey? A map (on paper!) of where she is.



Mahé Elipe

Mahé Elipe is a photographer. It’s through her lens that she questions the human place in society. As she cannot stand still, she travels: East of Europe, United States, Latin America… And it’s through pictures she tells the stories of thoses she meets. Her favorite item ? Her camera of course!




Anoushka Dufeil

Polyglot and passionate about cultural crossings, Anoushka lives in Brussels where she works as a teacher and a translator. She loves exploring again places that she thought she knew and bringing to light the unexpected at the corner of unknown streets. Her favorite moment during a trip? This feeling of absolute freedom when the train leaves the station or the plane takes off and the adventure starts!


Yasmina Kaboré

Éternelle rêveuse, Yasmina aime l’aventure et est toujours à la recherche d’environnement stimulant car elle a soif de découverte. Passionnée par l’humanitaire, l’art et tout ce qui est en rapport, faire partie de l’aventure de la Guide de Voyage était une occasion à ne pas rater. Son meilleur souvenir de voyage est la découverte de la culture arabe au Maroc.



Héloïse Duché

De retour de 9 mois au Québec à travailler pour les groupes de femmes, Héloïse reprend pied à Paris, la ville où elle a ses racines. Elle se déplace principalement à vélo et voyage souvent en France, mais elle ne rate pas une occasion de voir la Méditerranée ou de faire un tour en ex-URSS.




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